Triple BD Strategy for Accelerated Growth

Federal business development used to be easier. RFPs seemed to drop from the sky.  You would bid those that looked promising.  Winning even a small fraction was enough to stay in business.

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Those days are gone. Today’s competitive market has too many bidders chasing each RFP.  A new, more aggressive stance is needed.

The GovCon Rainmaker Solution is the key.  This triple strategy transforms your firm’s BD to enable unprecedented growth.  The triad includes:

  • Intelligence Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • RFP-Shaping Strategy


The Intelligence Strategy is about finding opportunities  you can pursue and shape.  You learn about them well before RFP-release.  Federal budget research is the key.  An earlier blog post explains how to do this.  Much of what you need to know to get ahead of the game is in the federal budget.  You just need to extract it.

The Intelligence Strategy replaces capture management.  With capture management, everyone chases the same opportunities.  With the Intelligence Strategy, you shape off-the-radar opportunities before the competition gets involved.


The Content Strategy is about developing insights.  Offering to share these insights with prospects will help you open doors, engage government executives, and shape RFPs.  How do you develop them?  Assess the impact your work has had on stakeholders in current and past projects.  What risks did your solutions mitigate? What did you do that was most helpful?  Find the insights that prospective customers will want to use to develop RFPs.  Package them into two-minute narratives —described in an earlier blog post — for your sales team to use to land meetings.

The Content Strategy also provides the basis for your value proposition, proposals, blog posts, branding, and  LinkedIn profiles.


The RFP-Shaping Strategy uses the results of the other two strategies to shape RFPs.  The Intelligence Strategy tells you who to meet with.  The Content Strategy tells you what to say.  The objective is to land meetings and convince customers to use your suggested requirements and evaluation criteria.  A challenge is that decision makers have very full schedules and are hard to reach.  A solution is to connect with the decision maker’s trusted advisors first. Research into who those people are is the key.

The GovCon Rainmaker Solution brings it all together.  You identify funded government opportunities well in advance so you can shape them.  You develop insights and a value proposition that will resonate with targeted customers.  And you use those insights to land meetings with decision makers and shape upcoming RFPs.

Are you ready to skyrocket your company’s growth?  New methods enable companies to win business at high prices in agencies across the entire government, even where they have no contacts.  These companies will receive inbound queries from government executives, actively seeking their expertise.

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