Rob was always the guy who “got it.” Good range of technical skills, good communicator, very creative. He always had new ideas to pitch to me. And many of them were great ideas. On top of all that, he was a very hard and dedicated worker.

Alan Harbitter
former CTO Nortel Government Solutions

Rob Polster has a remarkable ability to extract powerful business value stories from sales and technical personnel. For example, he produced an amazing story of value for one bid by driving our sales and technical personnel to systematically think through the purpose and value of each facet of the solution.


He gets the technology. He gets the business issues. He thinks analytically and creatively about how the technology solves the business issues. And he writes really well. The result is some amazing sales, marketing, and proposal content.

Jim Keith
Director, Business Development, TurningPoint Global Solutions

Robert is an excellent capture strategist, proposal manager and technical editor.

Tom Cuneo
Vice President, Business Development at Vision Technologies

Rob is one of the best writers with whom I have ever worked. His proposals are compelling and straight to the point. He has an uncanny ability to get to the heart of customer problems and write technical proposals that explicitly lay out solutions to solve those problems. He is process and detail-oriented, and knows what it takes to keep proposals on track.

Marguerite Rogers
Director of Government Solutions at TurningPoint Global Solutions

Rob was highly effective in guiding me, as a Subject Matter Expert, in providing proposal materials.. His questions and suggestions focused me to provide concise, client-centric responses.

Kelly Collins
Program Manager at TurningPoint Global Solutions


I had the opportunity to work with Robert in the same division at Nortel Government Solutions for over a year. He is a multifaceted individual with excellent technical and managerial skills. He is very consistent and thorough in his work and always went above and beyond his primary role and responsibilities to help his team members. He is one of the best business development leads I have worked with in my career.

Atif Khalil, PMP
Center Director at Camber Corporation

Robert and I worked on proposals at Nortel Government Solutions and Roberts experience and ideas were extremely valuable to the team. His insights and business knowledge were an asset and made for a successful team.

Mark Chapman
Program Manager at US Customs and Border Protection

Rob served in many capacities having considerable levels of responsibility during the period of time that we worked together at Nortel Government Solutions. He was always a strong technical resource to the company and those such as myself who came to rely upon his judgement, ability, and imparted wisdom. He also maintained a solid string of accomplishments, including serving as proposal/capture manager for some very large (and successful, i.e. “winning”) proposals undertaken by Nortel. One in particular resulted in award of a large contract with multiple separate award items and, due to his leadership, all 11 were awarded to our company.


I highly recommend Rob for any assignment or position of great responsibility and commend not only his technical ability, but also his personal traits and interpersonal skills and stand ready to discuss them in detail in person should anyone ask.

Brad Wootten, MSSM, MPM, CIPM
President and Chief Executive Officer, Q Systems Dynamics

Robert is a most thoughtful and diligent manager. I highly recommend him.

Terry Zagar
Independent Consultant

Robert has strategic vision with the ability, knowledge and capabilities to lead.

Bill D. Lese
Vice President of Business Development at TRI-COR Industries, Inc.