How to Win a New Government Customer You Don’t Know Yet

Without Being Introduced

Do you want to win new government customers, but don’t know how?  Here is the recipe:

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  • How can I win a new government customer?
    • By becoming a trusted advisor.
  • How can I become a trusted advisor?
    • By offering insights.
  • How can I develop insights to offer?
    • By researching customer plans and thinking about problems they might have that you could solve.
  • How can I get the customer to meet with me about my insight?
    • By offering an insight story (about another customer who solved a similar problem)
  • How can I write an insight story?
    • By talking to your technical team about a prior project for another customer.
  • How does telling the customer my story help?
    • By positioning you to ask the customer “What problems do you expect in the new program?”
  • How does the customer’s story about expected problems help me?
    • By giving your technical team a customer problem to solve BEFORE the RFP gets written.
  • How can I use that solution to help me win?
    • By giving it to the customer along with suggested RFP evaluation criteria
  • Sounds good!  How can I get help doing this?

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